my mother's trying to get hold of me. she's dead you know. that part's important. i was afraid of her my whole life. I thought she'd kill me after she tried to kill my father. that's when I got locked up deep inside myself. i hadn't seen her in years. the last time I did, the conversation was as stiff and sterile as the booze she drank. she was a serious alcoholic, and outlived the energizer bunny. I secretly wished she'd died fifty years before. funny how you can hate someone, and never admit it.

last week, i got the feeling she was trying to contact me - from the other side. the lights started going on and off. sometimes it would happen in the middle of the night. they say it's difficult for dead people to communicate - that makes sense. but electricity... they can work with that. hence, the light thingie. on and off.

in any event, I had no desire to communicate with my dead mother. I wasn't interested, but I was curious. enough. so I thought, o.k. if that's you- show me a white feather.

the very next day i get a box with my new shoes in it - with a white feather.