f**k astrological signs and other signature moments

i've been thinking a lot - I know - that's not a good thing, but it happens, that left brain, right brain thing. they say capricorns are more left brain types. I'm not gonna lie, the reason I hate astrology is because I don't know any interesting people who are capricorns. they're all nitwits, workhorses, or just plain boring, like me. case in point: nixon was a capricorn- definitely not the company I want to be associated with.

presidential diss aside, you could say i'm a pacifist. when i was a kid, i told god if i had a million dollars I'd use it to save the world! I'd use it for world peace. yeah. I was completely worried about the state of things, even way back when. not much has changed, just look around. do you think it's worse? it feels that way. of course, maybe corruption was always there and we just didn't see it, or want to see it. 

still, I'm noticing a boat load of shit coming down the road about now, and then there's that math issue. god and I weren't counting on inflation. I don't know, a million dollars could still do some good I suppose. we could pull an Oprah and do that car giveaway thing! or maybe not. that would just contribute to more pollution. of course, that's only if you believe in science and global warming, right? the 1% seem to have an issue with that, you know, that science thingie. ok. nix that, just to be on the safe side.

what to do? run for office? yeah! this is where the perennial rubber will really get a chance to meet the road. never mind astrology or whether your chevy or mercury's in retrograde. it ain't in the cars or the stars, it's what's happening here, right now, on planet earth. 

follow the signs to Washington!